Triathlon tips for beginners: setting triathlon goals

If a target-based approach to work and fitness is what motivates you, why not apply it to triathlon competition too? As we all know, the most effective targets are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound – meeting the SMART criteria. SMART goals can work for triathletes too, but there are a number of things to […]

Running Tips

We’ve collated a few of our favourite running tips for beginners, intermediates and advanced runners. These are key tips to bear in mind when training for any type of race, whether it be your first ever 5K, or your fiftieth marathon. We hope you find these helpful!

Success at Driffield Triathlon for Adults and Juniors that competed over the weekend

What a fantastic start to our Triathlon season last weekend at Driffield Triathlon! We’d like to say congratulations to all the competitors in the Junior and Adult races and a big thank you to all the amazing supporters that came to cheer everyone on!

Eight tips for speeding up triathlon transitions

Triathlons may well be three-discipline races, but there’s a fourth element to the sport that’s almost as important as swimming, cycling and running. The transition area is known for its distinctly chaotic appearance, with competitors racing over to what they hope is their bike, frantically switching their gear and trying to lose as little time […]