5 signs you are in need of a new pair of running shoes

Wearing a pair of old running shoes could be the difference in knocking off that final few seconds to get a new Personal Best, old shoes not only slow you down but can also increase your risk of injury. Here are 5 signs to look out for to see if it’s time for your trainers […]

Top Tips To Protect Your Knees When Running!

One of the most common running ailments is runner’s knee, which can negatively affect your training, or even worse, leave you completely unable to run! We have put together a list of our top tips to protect your knees, however all cases may vary and if you have any on-going issues please consult a professional.

Triathlon Transition Tips: Getting in and out of triathlon transition zones quickly

Most triathletes spend the bulk of their training time focused on the three events: swimming, cycling, and running. But the transition between each event also requires training. Each triathlon has two transitions: a swim-to-bike and a bike-to-run. Although they seem simple a poor transition can add precious time and waste energy during a race. A […]

Four dietary tips for aspiring long distance runners

Freebird Events operates a variety of distance races across Yorkshire and the North East. Our races allow veteran distance runners and newcomers to triathlons alike to take part, start competing in endurance races and most importantly, enjoy themselves while doing so. If you’re thinking of taking part in your first local community triathlon or marathon you […]