Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon
Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon
Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon
Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon
Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon
Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon
Allerthorpe Sprint Tri - Swim Swim 750 metres

Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon

The first of the Freebird Events open water triathlons in 2016 begins with the Allerthorpe Sprint Tri.

You’ll start with a 750 metre swim, in the calm surroundings of the water sports lake. With great visibility throughout and an easy to navigate swim course, you can focus your attention on achieving your best effort.
At the end of the swim, exit the water to the cheers of your loyal supporters.

Experience the freedom and enjoyment of open water swimming with the full support of a very experienced water safety crew.

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One down two to go - Allerthorpe Sprint Tri
Allerthorpe Sprint Tri - Bike Bike 20 kilometres

Completing the swim, you will soon enter the transition area, located very close to the swim exit. From here you head out onto the 20 kilometre circuit around Allerthorpe (just 10 miles from York).

You can be assured that the bike course is very easy to navigate with signs located at every road junction along with highly experienced marshals to direct you.

The Yorkshire roads are particularly flat and set in beautiful countryside. The quiet and very good surfaced roads makes the bike circuit a pleasure to ride.

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Settled into the bike section - Allerthorpe Sprint Tri

Allerthorpe Sprint Tri - Run Run 5 kilometres

Having completed 2 disciplines you now just have the 5 kilometre out and back run to go.

Heading out of Allerthorpe Lakeland Park you will experience the friendly atmosphere as you start your run. As expected signage and marshals are located at every road junction along with the enthusiasm and support form our Freebird support crew.

Having reached the turnaround point you have a final 2.5km to go before reaching the finish and the applauds of the supporters cheering you home.

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Finish almost in sight - Allerthorpe Sprint Tri

Site Layout Transition Area

Competitors’ final race information will be emailed out to you approximately 10 days before the Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon.

Of course we will be in touch before this, keeping you up to date with any new race info, along with training tips and ideas that may just help you achieve your very best effort on race day.

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the Allerthorpe Sprint Tri, first check out our FAQ page, it may just have the answer you are looking for. If not, then please contact us, we will do our best to answer any questions you have.

Please use the Contact Form as this ensures we can deal with your question as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Best of luck with your training and preparation for your chosen triathlon.
We look forward to welcoming you to Allerthorpe on the 19th June.

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Allerthorpe Sprint Tri (in images)