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Eight tips for speeding up triathlon transitions

Triathlons may well be three-discipline races, but there’s a fourth element to the sport that’s almost as important as swimming, cycling and running. The transition area is known for its distinctly chaotic appearance, with competitors racing over to what they hope is their bike, frantically switching their gear and trying to lose as little time […]

The day before your first triathlon: how to prepare

After weeks and months of training and preparation, you’ve finally made it. Your first ever triathlon (perhaps your first Freebird triathlon!) takes place tomorrow, and you’re buzzing with the sort of nervous excitement that will only be dispelled when the race finally begins. At this point you’ll feel physically prepared for the race, provided that your […]

Swimming Training Tips

Ian Thorpe makes it look all so easy but then he does have feet like flippers and arms down to his knees. For those of us less talented under water here are some tips to smooth out your stroke problems and ensure your triathlon gets off to a good start…

Triathlon equipment: 10 essentials for beginners

The recent success of GB triathletes has increased interest in the sport and led to growing numbers of eager newcomers donning tri-suits for the very first time. Triathlons provide a stern test of fitness and endurance, and provide greater variety than cycling, running or swimming alone. 

Goal Setting For Great Goals

Goal setting is very important because without aims and aspirations we are like a rudderless boat becalmed on a wide open ocean. To get great results you need to make strong goals and plan a clear path to success…

Official partnership announcement with blueseventy!

With Triathlon season fast approaching and what looks to be our biggest year yet, we are pleased to announce that we are officially working in partnership with blueseventy. blueseventy are creators of the World’s best wetsuits, swimskins, tech suits, race swimwear, and triathlon gear to make you faster and more comfortable in the water. The […]