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Five top tips for triathlon training recovery

You’ve been working hard at building up your stamina, but have you been taking your rest programme seriously too? Recovery is incredibly important in a training schedule in the run-up to your next triathlon event, but it can be tempting to push yourself harder without appropriate rest activities in-between.

Perfecting your triathlon swim technique: 8 Top Tips


With triathlon season approaching, now’s the perfect time to get your swim technique down to a tee!

Get The Most Out Of Your Winter Running

Get the most out of your winter running

Start out warm I’ve been running for more than two decades but I still frequently make the classic beginner’s error of overdressing. Two tricks to help you resist the temptation to wear too much: warm your kit (especially your base layer) on the radiator before you put it on, and do some warm-up exercises in […]

Easy Technique Tips for a Stronger Swim

Easy technique tips for a stronger swim

Easy technique based tips to reap the rewards of a stronger swim Ever feel like you’re going nowhere fast during your swim leg? An inefficient arm stroke saps speed, drains energy and can send you off-course in open water – adding unnecessary distance and fatigue (a killer combo when you still have a bike and […]

5 signs you are in need of a new pair of running shoes


Wearing a pair of old running shoes could be the difference in knocking off that final few seconds to get a new Personal Best, old shoes not only slow you down but can also increase your risk of injury. Here are 5 signs to look out for to see if it’s time for your trainers […]

Top Tips To Protect Your Knees When Running!


One of the most common running ailments is runner’s knee, which can negatively affect your training, or even worse, leave you completely unable to run! We have put together a list of our top tips to protect your knees, however all cases may vary and if you have any on-going issues please consult a professional.

Triathlon Transition Tips: Getting in and out of triathlon transition zones quickly


Most triathletes spend the bulk of their training time focused on the three events: swimming, cycling, and running. But the transition between each event also requires training. Each triathlon has two transitions: a swim-to-bike and a bike-to-run. Although they seem simple a poor transition can add precious time and waste energy during a race. A […]

Four dietary tips for aspiring long distance runners

Healthy food-nutrition-freebird-events

Freebird Events operates a variety of distance races across Yorkshire and the North East. Our races allow veteran distance runners and newcomers to triathlons alike to take part, start competing in endurance races and most importantly, enjoy themselves while doing so. If you’re thinking of taking part in your first local community triathlon or marathon you […]

Triathlon tips for beginners: setting triathlon goals


If a target-based approach to work and fitness is what motivates you, why not apply it to triathlon competition too? As we all know, the most effective targets are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound – meeting the SMART criteria. SMART goals can work for triathletes too, but there are a number of things to […]

Running Tips


We’ve collated a few of our favourite running tips for beginners, intermediates and advanced runners. These are key tips to bear in mind when training for any type of race, whether it be your first ever 5K, or your fiftieth marathon. We hope you find these helpful!

Success at Driffield Triathlon for Adults and Juniors that competed over the weekend


What a fantastic start to our Triathlon season last weekend at Driffield Triathlon! We’d like to say congratulations to all the competitors in the Junior and Adult races and a big thank you to all the amazing supporters that came to cheer everyone on!

Eight tips for speeding up triathlon transitions


Triathlons may well be three-discipline races, but there’s a fourth element to the sport that’s almost as important as swimming, cycling and running. The transition area is known for its distinctly chaotic appearance, with competitors racing over to what they hope is their bike, frantically switching their gear and trying to lose as little time […]

The day before your first triathlon: how to prepare


After weeks and months of training and preparation, you’ve finally made it. Your first ever triathlon (perhaps your first Freebird triathlon!) takes place tomorrow, and you’re buzzing with the sort of nervous excitement that will only be dispelled when the race finally begins. At this point you’ll feel physically prepared for the race, provided that your […]

Optimal Nutrition for Triathlons and Triathletes


Being healthy is a lot more than the absence of obvious diseases or “not being sick” – it’s about having a vitality and energy that allows us to achieve everything we want out of life. Healthy living starts with optimal nutrition & healthy eating…

Swimming Training Tips


Ian Thorpe makes it look all so easy but then he does have feet like flippers and arms down to his knees. For those of us less talented under water here are some tips to smooth out your stroke problems and ensure your triathlon gets off to a good start…

Triathlon equipment: 10 essentials for beginners


The recent success of GB triathletes has increased interest in the sport and led to growing numbers of eager newcomers donning tri-suits for the very first time. Triathlons provide a stern test of fitness and endurance, and provide greater variety than cycling, running or swimming alone. 

Goal Setting For Great Goals


Goal setting is very important because without aims and aspirations we are like a rudderless boat becalmed on a wide open ocean. To get great results you need to make strong goals and plan a clear path to success…

A beginners guide to Triathlon

So you want to do a triathlon? Here’s how to get started in triathlon, plan a program, train hard, prepare well, and make it through your first triathlon event…

Speed up your triathlon transition times with these quick tips.


It might be triathlon offseason, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to slack off training. In fact, now is a great time to make the most of the quieter period and turn your triathlon weaknesses into strengths. Transitions – from swim to bike, and from bike to run – all count towards your overall race […]

Official partnership announcement with blueseventy!


With Triathlon season fast approaching and what looks to be our biggest year yet, we are pleased to announce that we are officially working in partnership with blueseventy. blueseventy are creators of the World’s best wetsuits, swimskins, tech suits, race swimwear, and triathlon gear to make you faster and more comfortable in the water. The […]

Five Tips for Open Water Swimming for Triathletes

Sundowner Sprint Triathlon

The vast majority of triathletes are attracted to the sport after already mastering cycling and/or running.

Top tips for preparing for your first triathlon

Allerthorpe Sprint Triathlon

Have you taken an interest in one of our upcoming triathlons? Lots of people have, and there will be many for whom this triathlon is their first!

Triathlon nutrition tips: eat right to boost your performance

Healthy food-nutrition-freebird-events

Eating right is essential to get your body in top condition for triathlon events. The building blocks provided by decent nutrition will enable your muscles to repair themselves faster, boost your immune system and help to deliver the best possible care to every inch of your body from the inside out.

Five common first triathlon mistakes and how to avoid them

Sundowner Sprint Triathlon

If you’ve decided that 2017 is the year that you’ll compete at your first ever triathlon, you may already feel a sense of giddy excitement (not to mention a buzz of nerves) at the very thought of it.

Off That Couch Fitness

As an ex-professional Ironman triathlete, nutrition has played a key role in my life and race performances. Over the last 15 years I’ve been involved within the fitness industry and I’ve learnt some simple principles that work. I’ve shared these with you in my new recipe book – “Chase 2 Race Your Dream”.