Top tips for preparing for your first triathlon

Have you taken an interest in one of our upcoming triathlons? Lots of people have, and there will be many for whom this triathlon is their first!If you’re in the same boat and are worried about training or would like some advice on how you should prepare for the race, you’ve come to the right place.

Work your way up

Don’t start your training by attempting to run, cycle and swim the entire distance in one go – that would be far too much to put your body through so soon. You need to start by going on short runs, swims and bike rides separately, slowly increasing the length or time you spend practicing each week. If you try to do too much too soon you’ll only end up increasing your chance of injury and might not even be able to compete in the actual event.

Choose an event nearby

Your very first event can be an exciting yet exhausting experience, so if you’ve never taken part in a triathlon before you should try to reduce your stress levels and keep hassle to a minimum by choosing an event that is close to home. If you live in or around Yorkshire you’ll find that there are plenty taking place throughout the year, and a short drive to the starting line should be fine on race day.

You’ll want a swimsuit

You don’t need to worry about spending a fortune on wetsuits (in fact, a few shops will allow you to hire wetsuits for a lot less than buying one brand new), but you will want a swimming costume rather than a bikini! It’s tempting to choose a triathlon that involves swimming in a pool rather than the sea, so you don’t have to brave the elements, but open water swims in lakes are a great introduction to triathlons. Take a look at photos from open water events like Allerthorpe Super Sprint Triathlon and you’ll see competitors wearing all in one trisuits. As the name suggests, tri suits can be worn for all three disciplines, meaning there’s no time wasted on changing during transitions. We have partnered with blueseventy this year and if you are looking to invest in a decent suit you can receive a 20% discount on all their products, just use the code FREEBIRD20 at the checkout!


Your body needs iron to function, and athletes are often at risk of anaemia as they push themselves to the limits. Make sure you are getting enough iron by including leafy green vegetables in your daily diet, with red meat a couple of times a week. Eggs are also a brilliant source of iron, but be sure to eat them with a source of vitamin C (such as a small glass of orange juice with your meal) to maximise the iron intake your body can process.

Any bike is fine

You needn’t go out and buy a brand new bike for your triathlon, the bike you have now will do just fine. There will be a wide range of people taking part in the triathlon and all of them will have different bikes. Whether you’ve a road bike or a mountain bike, as long you find it comfortable to ride and reckon you can go the distance on it, you’ll be fine.

If you’ve thought about taking part in a triathlon but haven’t yet found the one for you, why not take a look at the upcoming events on our website and start preparing today?